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If you have a known legal need, use our online lawyer locator to choose from our network of over 400 leading lawyers across Texas. Call directly and let them know you`re a Texas legal member Our mission is to ensure equal justice for all Texans by educating, empowering, and representing vulnerable people while reshaping the broader legal system that affects us all. Don`t Google this legal question. Ask an expert. With our legal hotline, you can speak to a lawyer at any time. For less than a dollar a day, you can get excellent legal protection from qualified lawyers in your own community. We are legal protection for Texans, by Texans. Take advantage of our free one-on-one legal consultations to have an initial conversation about a potential or actual legal matter, or to find a lawyer you feel comfortable with on a more important issue. Money is one of life`s biggest stressors.

But your legal plan includes financial advice, so you can get expert advice on your financial matters. So if a legal issue arises, pull up your boots and remove a load. We`ve got you covered. Improve access to justice and provide legal services to those in need. When it comes to legal issues, the question is not “if” but “when”. But when it comes to legal issues, this isn`t our first rodeo. Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA) provides free civil services to residents of 68 counties in southwest Texas. It represents migrant and seasonal workers throughout the state and six other southern states. TRLA`s lawyers specialize in many practice areas, including family, employment, foreclosure, bankruptcy, disaster relief, subsidized housing, agricultural workers` rights, civil rights, immigration, and environmental law.

Texas RioGrande Legal Aid`s service territory covers one-third of the entire U.S.-Mexico border. Sooner or later, teenagers cause problems. But if they are on your legal side, your children can get legal help when they need it. Texas Legal was founded 50 years ago by the Texas State Bar to provide Texans with access to affordable legal aid. As a nonprofit, we are committed to providing insurance to cover legal fees and help Texans get the legal help they need without the high legal fees. With hundreds of qualified lawyers providing professional legal assistance, our members can choose a lawyer that meets their needs. We make it easy and convenient to contact a lawyer and get legal help from them – without deductibles or co-payments! It`s quick and easy to get started: just like calling an 800 number from the health insurance company, call our 800 number and we`ll find a suitable lawyer to answer general questions about your legal problem. Clients must generally be at or below 125% to 200% of the federal poverty guidelines. This is measured by your household`s gross monthly income relative to the size of your household. Texas law students become rigorous analytical thinkers and world-changing professionals. You will learn of national and international stature scientists in the classroom and be trained by brilliant and dedicated lawyers in the country`s top clinical programs. Come see why we are #1 for ROI in the top 15 law schools.

Buy or sell? Their plan includes the help of a lawyer in residential real estate transactions. From the first semester to the last, your teaching experiences will change the way you think. At Texas Law, our students become lawyers representing real clients in real cases. They become defenders by arguing on their feet. They change their own lives by changing the lives of others. Read our commitment to learning by doing here. If you`re Social Security, Medicare, or a veteran, we can help you solve any problems you have to get the benefits you deserve. You weren`t obsessed with a DWI, but we can help you fix it. If the word yes is filled, we will help you clarify the problem. Don`t just shoulder your shoulders and pay. The expertise of a lawyer could get you out or reduce the fees. Everyone needs an estate plan.

If you already have one, call your lawyer and see if it`s time to update. Whether you`re told it`s not under warranty or that the person you hired isn`t doing their part of the bargain, a call from your lawyer can make a big difference. Choose a plan and pay an affordable monthly or annual premium. Everyone who lives in Texas is eligible. In 2010, Kiplinger`s ranked Austin as the best place in America to live for the next decade. From South by Southwest each spring to Austin City Limits music festival each fall, the city is always full of cultural events and creativity. With year-round sunshine, beautiful mountainous setting, world-class music scene, robust economy, booming job market, and strong sense of community, Austin offers a wonderful quality of life. It`s a great place to be a student – or do something else.

Litigators help professionals who help lawyers gather evidence for their state or federal cases so they can focus on winning. Learn from one of the most talented and honored faculties in the country. Texas Legal Protection Plan is Open Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, fr. Visiting Texas Law means living in Austin – the most dynamic and exciting city in the country. Do you need a will? It doesn`t have to cost a pretty dime Texas Law is a launching pad. Our students work across the country and around the world. Work with real clients on real-world issues at one of our 15 renowned clinics. Learn advocacy skills and participate in national competitions. For other languages, interpreters are available on request. Keep identity thieves at bay with our new identity monitoring. And when they strike, our identity recovery services can help you get back to normal.

Family may be the most important thing, but that doesn`t make it easy. From divorce and custody to child support and adoption, we can help you with family law. When you graduate, you become one of our 25,000 alumni. You will become a longhorn for life. If you planned it, they wouldn`t call it “unexpected.” COVID-19: Updates and resources are available on UT`s Protect Texas Together website. We help Texans access health care, security, stability, housing, government benefits and employment. All TLSC services are free of charge. Yelp users haven`t asked any questions yet about the Texas Legal Protection Plan. If your child is causing problems, we will find a solution.