Air Rifle Legal in Mexico

In a quick search, I found that South Korea makes a variety of large-caliber air rifles. Now, I don`t have the use of it, but I know Spencer is a gun lover. Gun policies and laws in Mexico cover the role that firearms play in society within the borders of the United Mexican States. [1] Current legislation establishes the legality by which members of the armed forces, law enforcement agencies and individuals may acquire, possess, possess and carry firearms. includes rights and restrictions for individuals – including hunting and shooting athletes, property and personal protection personnel such as bodyguards, security guards, private security forces and extension to personalities (diplomats, officials, celebrities). [2] Similarly, it is possible for Mexican citizens residing in Mexico and for foreign legal residents of Mexico (fm2 holders) to import a firearm into Mexico for their safety and self-defense, in the types and calibers authorized for domestic defense, and upon receipt of the appropriate import permit from the Secretariat of National Defense. Anyone who intends to import a firearm into Mexico must be able to legally acquire the firearm outside the country. For example, a U.S. citizen who legally resides in Mexico as an FM2 holder or has dual citizenship could purchase a firearm in the United States and apply for permission to import the weapon into Mexico. Persons authorized to legally purchase a firearm in the United States and residing in Mexico are permitted to import the firearm. U.S. expats are allowed to purchase a gun in Mexico as long as they can prove they have a legal resident via Artículo 27 with a permanent residency visa — formerly known as FM2.

In addition, they must be approved by Sedena according to the following requirements: Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, airsoft weapons are considered toys as long as they cannot be fired with a muzzle energy greater than two joules of kinetic energy above which they are considered a firearm and must be registered, and possession of an unregistered firearm is illegal. Although you are legally allowed to import air guns into Mexico, the local laws of the county where they can be used outside of playgrounds may differ. For hunting, targeting or competition, the government authorizes the sale and registration of up to nine long guns (rifles or shotguns) and one handgun of the types and calibers authorized by law (must belong to a hunting and/or shooting club for these permits to be granted). [31] Authorized sport hunting is allowed in one season and is regulated by SEMARNAP (Secretariat for the Environment, Natural Resources and Fisheries). [42] Non-explosive weapons such as air guns may be imported without special authorization. Also accessories for air guns (e.g. pellets). However, rifles and gasoline pistols (and their components and accessories), any firearm and all firearm-related equipment – ammunition (regardless of caliber), sights, components or accessories, etc. – all require an import permit.

Also note that night vision devices, pepper spray and Taser weapons are on the list of restricted items, and an import permit is also required. This quick guide, published by the Mexican SAT (Tax and Customs Administration), contains the details. This year`s arms show had many sellers (the vast majority) selling pellet and BB weapons and airsoft weapons (plastic pellets). There have been no exhibitions or sales of firearms of any kind or sales of ammunition, probably due to problems related to the possibility of being legally transported to the site. Courses were given on how to apply for permission to purchase a firearm, self-defense laws, home defense techniques, and the use of a perimeter for precision shooting, among other things. The second permit – protected by Artículo 10 – is valid for hunting or target shooting. This licence allows up to ten firearms (nine long guns and one .22 caliber handgun). This permit authorizes revolvers, pistols and .22 caliber rifles with no less than 25 inches of barrel and no more than 12. The license also allows .38 pistols for competitive shooting. Many rifles are allowed, but the following are expressly prohibited: .222, .30, 7mm, 7.62mm.

(There are more federal restrictions and a look at the specific law in the related links below is recommended). Article 21.- Natural or legal persons, public or private, may, with the appropriate authorization of the Minister of Defense, possess collections or museums of ancient or modern weapons, or both. You can legally take your paintball marker on a plane in your checked baggage. You are probably right. I remember they were made in Germany, but the reviews mentioned the incredible performance of an air rifle, but they aimed badly and were considered noisy. RWS, as the best air rifle manufacturer in the world, would never let this go into production. – Stay in busy areas. Avoid driving at night and traveling alone. – Do not drink and drive. – Do not buy or use illegal drugs. – Do not look for the most remote campsites or surf beaches. Tourists who are drunk in public are also an easy sign for criminals.

That is a good point. 9mm PCPs are as deadly as cartridge guns and can be used for deer hunting! However, I can`t find any in RWS. I wonder if Mexican law has even considered these “big caliber” air guns. PCP-powered rifles are allowed to be imported, but who knows in this large caliber. Possessing or importing counterfeit firearms is a criminal offence under section 36 of the Firearms Act 1960. “All counterfeit firearms, such as BB guns, airsoft guns, paintball markers, antique weapons and pistol-shaped lighters, are illegal.” “Imitations or counterfeit firearms can be used to intimidate people into a crime.