Acat Legal Aid

Provides a legal referral service that connects eligible candidates with private law firms and lawyers for free legal advice. Youth Law Australia is a national community legal service that provides free legal advice and information to children, young people under the age of 25 and their lawyers. If either party disagrees with ACAT`s decision, they have the right to appeal within 28 days of the date of the decision. It`s always a good idea to seek legal advice before a legal dispute, but this is especially true if you`re considering appealing an ACAT decision. This is a more complex process that can result in a much higher fee if you are not eligible for a fee exemption. Provides advice on a number of different legal issues, such as debt, discrimination, residential rentals (rental properties), elder abuse, guardianship, mental health, neighborhood disputes, and small businesses. Provides legal advice and representation to indigenous peoples in Canberra and the surrounding area. Provides legal services to people with low incomes or other disadvantages in Canberra and the region. The legal services they provide relate to: The Women`s Legal Centre has a team of experienced lawyers who can provide you with information, legal advice and representation.

In this section, you must set out the facts that you believe have occurred; and the legal consequences (as you see them) that result from these facts. It is helpful to provide a reference to the term of the lease that you believe the landlord has violated. CLC has a Consumer Law Clinic [PDF 827 KB] that provides legal advice and supports individuals affected by debts that are being executed or at risk of being enforced in court. Free legal advice providers can give you legal advice and assistance and answer your questions about: Provides free legal assistance and advice to low- and middle-income consumers, especially in the areas of consumer law, consumer credit, telecommunications and utilities, bankruptcy and general consumer protection in fair trade. Provides free legal advice and representation on environmental issues. If you can`t afford to pay for a lawyer, there are people who may be able to provide you with free legal assistance. For more information on free legal advice, see the Free Law Directory on the ACT Legal Aid website. If you are looking for private lawyers and law firms in Canberra, you can use the search “Find a Law Firm” on the ACT Law Society website. You can get free and punctual legal advice (for 30 minutes), regardless of your income or assets. Additional support is put to the test of means and merits. This factsheet contains information about ACAT, the civil and administrative court of the ACT.

It describes what you should do if you have tried to resolve a dispute with your landlord that arises under the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 (RTA), but have not been able to do so. They also have a youth advocacy centre (for people aged 12-25) and a community liaison body, which includes: ACAT can carry out a preliminary assessment of an application and give instructions accordingly. ACAT is more informal than a court, but it is still required to provide procedural fairness to the parties. This means that each party understands the case against them, has a fair chance to present their case and evidence, and that the case is decided by an independent member (the title of ACAT arbitrators). That is, when preparing an application, you need to be clear about the facts and what you are looking for. No, but if you wish, you can be represented by a lawyer or other trusted person. They also have a team of social workers and an Indigenous case manager who provides additional support. ACAT`s hearing application forms are available on the court`s website. An application can be made by an individual, business, government agency or professional regulatory body. The application must comply with the rules, be submitted in the prescribed form, give reasons for the application and be submitted within 28 days of the decision to be reviewed. In this section of the application form, you must write down the order(s) you would like ACAT to execute to remedy the situation. As mentioned above, you can refer to section 83 of the ATR to determine the type of assignment you are targeting.

It is important to remember that ACAT was designed for self-represented litigants and that the ACAT member will generally assist both parties during the hearing. If you don`t understand something, you can ask the ACAT member to explain it to you. You can make an appointment on the Environmental Defenders website. In ACAT, the standard rule is that each party bears its own costs for initiating the proceedings. This means that even if you win, you may still have to pay your own fees and your lawyer`s fees (if you hire one).